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Advantages of carton

Product carton is used for multiple purposes such as packaging, transport, production lines with modern carton, our company meet the most user needs. Each product is designed specifically for paper & material strength properties for the best protection for the product

System production lines and modern printing launched products packaging, carton quality, aesthetic and quick with a reasonable price. Delivery time soon, punctual, professional working style, superior quality.

Cartons 3 layer: the bins are composed by two flat outside regular class and a middle class wave. Boxes are manufactured on paper as paper materials Vietnam, Taiwan paper, paper carton Thai ... Type 3 grade is widely used in packaging, wrap the items, goods volume & weight relatively compact.

Carton of 5 layers: the bins are composed by two outer layers and three layers: two and a plane wave. Boxes are manufactured on the paper, Vietnam, Taiwan paper, paper barrels Thai ... this type are usually produced to close goods, furniture, machinery ... massive & weight pig.

Relatively inexpensive to produce and use.
Lightweight, easy to cut or bend.
Compression strength, the good podium.
Diverse styles, crate or box design.
Rich color prints with Flexo & Offset printing technology.
Supports multiple types of assembly (stapling, gluing, inserts).
Compact, easy to store folded flat.
Protecting good food, good waterproofing (waterproof rolling).
Easy plated surfaces, easily embossed (box).
Easy to fix, change the original design.
Easy to handle, reborn.
Easily biodegradable, environmentally friendly

The quality decreases with storage time and use.
Hydrophobic and hydrophobic fire.